Little animals (patterns by LittleOwlsHut)

Hi, recently I made the video - Amigurumi Workshop #17 about seven little toys by LittleOwlsHut I've already crocheted. I translated the patterns into Polish. The patterns in other languages are available in LOH website. There are more little patterns, so visit LOH website, Etsy, Ravelry if you are interested in purchasing the patterns.

You may watch the Amigurumi Workshop below:

In the post I gathered all the information and photos about all the little creatures. You may read about the several animals in my posts below:

1. Dasha the Snake
2. Little Deer Rudolf
3. Little Sloth Lulo
4. Little Puppy
5. Little Bunny with a Flower House
6. Little Unicorn with a Flower House
7. Little Rat Mimi

All the patterns were designed by Tatiana Knittoy, skill level: easy.
On Etsy you find description of the materials used in the patterns, so you may read before you buy.
Designer used YarnArt Baby and crochet hook 1.75 mm.
The final size of the toys is mostly 6-7 cm / 2.75 inches using the materials stated in the pattern.

I used YarnArt Jeans and crochet hook 2 mm, so my toys are approx. 7-8 cm tall.

Amongst the toys only Dasha is based on wire frame to shape the body. The others don't include the wire frame.
The patterns are in some parts similar to each other. The designer started from crocheting the head and shaping the muzzle. Then crocheted the body, legs and arms. In some cases patterns include additional parts - ears, nose and other details.

Eyes may be crocheted or glued. I made eyes with a piece of white felt and half beads (I sawed the ends of the safety eyes) and glued the eyes to the piece of white felt, using Magic Glue (in red package).
To sum up the characteristic features of the projects:

DASHA the snake - red tongue and nostrils, mouth below the tongue. Hair is made with pieces of yellow yarn and braided, decorated with red corchet bows.

RUDOLF the deer - has antlers and tail, embroidered spots above the eyes, crocheted nose (nose is my creation, in the post about the deer I give you the pattern for crochet nose).

LULO the sloth - has the eyes consisted of two parts (dark brown and felted eyes with half beads), embroidered muzzle and 3 claws for each arm and leg.

LITTLE PUPPY - for the puppy I used oval eyes (I had in my stash), embroidered nose, crochet tail, blue bow and puppy sits in the crochet basket.

LITTLE BUNNY in a Flower House - I made girl, so glued eyelashes. Bunny has pompom tail, tinted parts (ears, cheeks, belly and paws). The scarf with flower button is my design. I give you the pattern in my blog. The bunny lives in flower house - consisted of 5 petals and yellow centre. You need to check if the house is big enough for your toy after crocheting the first petal - follow the pattern. For petals I used yarn Lisa Red Heart and crochet hook 3.5 mm, for the centre - crochet hook 2.5 mm.

LITTLE UNICORN in a Flower House - the pattern for unicorn also includes the Flower House. Unicorn the girl has yellow horn, mane and tail atached with pieces of yarn (I split the Yarn Art Jeans in single threads after attaching it). Unicorn wears skirt and has hair decorated with little bow. I glued the eyelashes and blushed the cheeks.

MIMI the rat - has crochet nose, braided thin tail, whiskers made with fishing line, red scarf with pompoms.

The toys are really easy to crochet for beginners, so everyone can make them just for fun or as little gift for friends. 
Be careful with using the materials if you would like to make a gift for little child. I recommend you to embroider or sew the eyes instead of glueing them and avoiding beads or risky materials (fishing line etc).

I highly recommend you to make the little toys :)

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See you!