Little Sloth Lulo (pattern by LittleOwlsHut)

Hello, the next pattern I translated into Polish is the Little Sloth Lulo (pattern by LittleOwlsHut). The pattern is also available in English in the LOH shop on Etsy. I recommend you to visit Etsy to read about the materials the designer used in the pattern.
Below I present you the photos :)
Pattern was designed by Tatiana Knittoy.
The designer used following materials and tools:

  • Yarn:
“YarnArt Baby” - acrylic 100% (50 g - 150 m);
- Brown (cocao) - for the sloth;
- Beige - for the muzzle;
- Dark brown - for the eyes;
- White – for the eyes

You can use any smooth yarn, acrylic, wool, etc.
Tip: If you need exactly the same yarn ask in this shop
  • Stuffing for toys – Fiberfill;
  • Long tapestry needle (for sewing using yarn)
  • Crochet hook – 1.75 mm or any other suitable size for the selected yarn;
  • A pair of half-beads with diameter of 7 mm (2 pcs.);
  • Glue for attaching the half-beads to the head
The final size (with using the materials stated in the pattern) is approx. 6-7 cm (2.75 inches).

I used YarnArt Jeans and crochet hook 2 mm.

I started from the head:

Then I crocheted eyes consisted of 2 parts (dark brown and felted with halfbeads):

I made the eyes with the piece of white felt and safety eyes (I sawed the plastic ends of the eyes). I only had the eyes with diameter of 8 mm, so I had to use them (in the pattern the designer used half-beads 7 mm). I glued the eyes to the piece of white felt.

I sewed dark brown part to the head and then glued the felted eyes:

Then I crocheted the body:
and arms:

You see all the parts in the picture below:

Finally I embroidered muzzle (horizontal line in the centre) and claws (3 for each leg and arm).
And the sloth was ready :) Really cute :)

Lots of love and happiness in New Year!