Dasha the snake - pattern by LittleOwlsHut

Hello, I started the series of Polish translation of easy patterns by LittleOwlsHut. If I have time, I will gather all the cuties and make the video in my AmigurumiWorkshop series on YouTube to show you the little creatures. In the post I attach photos I took when I was working on the project - the first one is Dasha the snake. With these two braids she looks like Pippi Longstocking - heroine from the book by Astrid Lindgren, don't you think? I tested the pattern some times ago - it is easy level.
I made Polish translation but the pattern is also available on LOH Etsy in English.
So it's time to read the post :)


Designer: Tatiana Knittoy
Level: Easy

On Etsy there is description of the materials used in the pattern, so you may read before you buy.

I used crochet hook 2 mm (Clover) and YarnArt Jeans. Final size of my toy is 12 cm after shaping, so it is similar to final size of the designer's toy.


Below you see the head with the wire sticking out of the head (ends are wrapped with electrical tape) and a loooong body :)

The body was put on the wire and sewed to the head. Then I crocheted a red tongue and nostrils:

I crocheted mouth below the tongue - you find detailed guidelines in the pattern.

EYES (crochet or felt)

Firstly I crocheted the white eyes and sewed little beads to them (I didn't like the final result):

So I decided to experiment with the felt eyes - I cut a piece of white felt and glue halfbeads to it (6 mm diameter). I propose my version to LOH and it was happily approved (modestly speaking, in the pattern there is used my idea for felt eyes and photos describing the way of attaching hair to the head - I'm so pleased, thank you :)).



Hair is made with the pieces of yellow yarn:

It wasn't so easy to braid the hair but finally it went quite well ;)
In the end I added red crochet bows:

Dasha is ready!

What do you think of the snake? I recommend you to crochet :)
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All the best!


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