Cuddly-Wuddly Dog Beemka by LittleOwlsHut

Hi, recently I crocheted Cuddly-Wuddly Dog Beemka (pattern by LittleOwlsHut) but I adjusted the project to my needs and crocheted two dogs on the rug - it was wedding anniversary gift. I also made AmigurumiWorkshop video about the puppy - you can watch it on YouTube. In the post I describe the project and present you the photos I took during the work.

To watch Amigurumi Workshop, click below:

Designer: Olga Borisenko
Skill level: Easy

I worked with beige Angora RAM and crochet hook 1.25 mm (I used the same yarn and hook size as it was stated in the pattern). I also used the same yarn for my previous project - Horse White Dream and for the Pig by LOH.

Finished size of the puppy is appox. 6 cm (2.4") in length.

Firstly I started from the muzzle and added safety nose in magic ring (I burn the end of the nose inside, using the hot little spoon warmed up over the burner). The nose width is 9 mm, height is 7 mm:

You can also sew the nose in the end
If you don't have ready-made nose, you can embroider it in the end or make it from black polymer clay (I shaped the nose from the clay in Shih-tzu puppy).

I crocheted holes for the ears, as designer wrote in the pattern (Great! I don't have to sew the ears later!) :-)

Then I continued crocheting the head, body and tail in one piece. Remember to put the stuffing.
I cut plastic insert and put it inside the body:

I crocheted ears around the openings:

I embroidered the eyes and shaped the body (sew the body and tail as it was stated in the pattern) to lay the dog in a sleeping pose.

I crocheted the second dog because I wanted to make the couple in love.
What is important - to make the dogs noses facing each other, I put plastic insert symmetrically:

I crocheted the rug. My rug is 9 x 9 cm (I used crochet hook 3 mm) - to put two dogs on the rug. The rug consists of two hearts joined together. The first heart is made with linen string and the second/bottom heart is made with YarnArt Jeans. 
I cut the insert to put inside the rug (between two hearts) to make it stiff. Finally I crocheted reverse single crochets (with YarnArt Jeans) around the edges, joining two hearts. In halfway I put the transparent plastic insert.

Finally I brushed up these dogs (with Velcro) and sewed them to the rug, I attached a pink bow to lady dog and blush her cheeks.
I sewed beads L-O-V-E into the rug.

Look at these cuties :-)

One little puppy in my hand :-)

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