Cat Mystery - pattern by LittleOwlsHut


Hi, my next Amigurumi Workshop is Mystery Cat - pattern by LittleOwlsHut. I crocheted two cats - it was a gift for my parents 40th wedding anniversary. The video about the project is in my YouTube channel. Have a nice watching!

Video is here:

The designer: Svetlana Pertseva

Skill level: Experienced

  • Yarn

Any moderately fluffy yarn suitable for crochet hook 1.75 mm (approximately US steel hook 6, UK steel hook 3 ½). I used “Kid Royal” by Alize (Lace, 62% Mohair, 38% Nylon (Polyamide); 273 yards (250 meters) / 25 grams (0.88 ounces)) together with “Angora Fine” by Seam (Lace, 50% Mohair, 50% Nylon (Polyamide); 328 yards (300 meters) / 50 grams (1.76 ounces)). Two strand of yarn together!

  • Crochet hook. I used 1.75 mm (approximately US steel hook 6, UK steel hook 3 ½).
  • Two oval marbles 18 x 13 mm with one flat side for the eyes. You can use oval glass buttons as well.
  • PVC single core copper electrical wire approximately 150 cm (59 inches) long 2 mm in diameter. Use only copper wire for the frame as copper can better stand bending compared to aluminum. You can buy it at electric supplies stores. Make sure the wire if firm enough.
  • White (or matching the color of your main yarn) and pink wool for felting (for the eyelids and nose) – small amount.
  •  Coarse felting needle.
  • Fishing line for the whiskers.
  • Any stuffing.
  • Tapestry needle.
  • Transparent glue.
  • Sewing thread of matching colors.
  • Ready-made plastic nose if not making one out of felt.
  •  Safety pins.
  • Strong thread for tightening.
  • Something to add weight to the bottom (a flat stone, or pebbles, etc.). 
  • Tip: Make sure the material you use for adding weight will allow you to make tightenings for the legs.
  • Any tinting (optional). I used oil pastel.

 Finished size approx. 25 cm (10 inches) tall using the yarn and the hook stated in the pattern. 



I started from the head, marker goes along the top part of the HEAD

Inside the head there is a loop, you insert the wire between rnds 25-26 of the head, distance 4 sts between them.

A piece of wire is for the tail, you wrap the wire around the main wire for the body.

As for the marker - you need to keep the work symmetrical, so there is  need to make shift stitches (additional sc in the end of the rnd and move the marker for next rnd; read more about shift stitch here)


The marker goes along the back. There are 2 versions. 
1st version (the designer chose it) – crochet around the wire sticking out of the head: 
The designer crocheted the first rnd of the body, inserting the hook in the stitches of the bottom part of the head. You should start from the stitch marker of the head (stitch marker should be in the center of the neck, so you should works shift st(s) to reach the center, if needed). 
2nd version: I chose the 2nd version because I don’t like to crochet around the wire: 
I crocheted the body as a separate piece, working chains, formed a circle and followed the pattern. While crocheting the body you work holes for the arms in rnd 32. I marked the point for wire with a piece of contrasting yarn and run it out later.
After crocheting the rnd 67 you should insert wire for the tail. 
I wrapped the wire frame of the tail around the main wire frame for several times and used electrical tape to secure the joining. 
After rnd 72: Spread the wire frame all along the spine, make the wire repeat the outline of the back legs. If the wire is too long, you can repeat the outline of the back legs for two or three times. Pull the wire to the front legs. Do not cut extra wire. 
Adjust the stuffing. You can insert a flat stone or something similar to add weight. 
I closed the opening of the bottom part of the body (legs), added weight to the legs (I used small stones).

Tip: Make sure the material you use for adding weight will allow you to make tightenings for the legs. 

 I crocheted the TAIL and FRONT LEGS
I sewed the front legs onto the body stuffing the upper part if needed. Tightening for the legs 
Then I made the EARS.


The designer recommends to work 1st rnd for both ears at once to make them symmetrical
You can crochet the ears as separate pieces and then sew them onto the head.
There are clear and detailed diagrams how to crochet the ears. I crocheted the ears inserting the hook under the stitches of the head, not as a separate piece. 

 All the parts:


I tighten the toy following the scheme (cheeks, eye sockets, nose bridge). 

I glued the marbles into the eye sockets.

I felted the nose and the eyelids onto the eye with felting wool following the instructions in the pattern. 

I attached the whiskers with the fishing line. 

I tinted the cat - fold for the mouth, top of the head, inner part of the ears with pink color, paws, end of the tail and neck. 


Finally I added felt heart (my idea to highlight the anniversary).

Thank you for reading!
Ami Little Creature