ROBOT pattern by LittleOwlsHut

In my next Amigurumi Workshop #23 I would like to present you The Robot (pattern by LittleOwlsHut). Pattern is available on Etsy and I made the Polish translation of the pattern. Visit my YouTube channel to watch the video about the Robot. In the post I tell you about the pattern and attach some photos.

The video is here:

The first pages of the pattern with Materials and Tools section:


Designer: Galina Astashova 

SKILL LEVEL: experienced 

FINISHED SIZE: Approx. 33 cm (13 inches) tall. 


For my toy I used crochet hook 2 mm and YarnArt Jeans: 

  • 63 (teal green) 2 skeins
  • one skein of yellow 3, dark blue 54, light grey 80, purple 72, white, pink 36

Firstly I crocheted tle LEGS

The bottom part of the leg (consists of two parts – the main part and boot). 

The main part

The boot and felt sole

In the main part the top part is inverted down to fit in to the upper part as a funnel. Inside the boot I put a sole cut from a piece of thick felt (I've put two pieces of felt to every shoe make the sole thicker. The designer also recommends to put a bag with plastic pellets or glass beads to add weight to the legs (I didn't because my robot doesn't have to stand). 

My felt sole size is: 7 cm long, 6 cm wide. I attach the sole photo in JPEG if you make the Robot with the materials I did (print actual size A4 paper). 


After crocheting rnd 22 I put the main part into the opening. The designer recommends to secure it with 2 safety pins. I didn't but I only tight the boot around the leg – thread a tapestry needle with yarn, weave the thread along the stitches, pull it a bit and fasten off. 

Then I crocheted the top part od the leg. You need to add 2 bead to every part. I used beads of 18 mm in diameter (the designer used 12 mm in diameter). So you used 4 beads. If you don’t have a bead big enough you can make a small bead bigger by crocheting few layers around it. I inserted a contrasting yarn through the holes of every bead and the holes of the leg (hole is made by crocheting ch3 in definite rounds. 

The top part

ARMS – the bottom part of the arm with fingers and the top part of the arm. 

In the bottom part I crocheted 4 fingers for each hand. Robot doesn't have a wire frame inside the palm and fingers. I followed the pattern, so finally I crocheted 3 sc hooking through opposite sides of each finger, so the finger's opening is flattened before you join the fingers together. I don't like this way – for me it would be better not to crochet 3 sc and join the fingers in the similar way to e.g. Rabbit Dude. But this is the Robot and it could be like that. Although if you would like to add the wire frame inside every finger I recommend you to leave an opening without flatten the finger. Instructions for wire frame inside the finger is not given in the pattern. As for my robot, I joined the fingers hooking through the front part and the back part of the fingers (FLO and BLO), following the pattern. Arms are stuffed tightly. 


The bottom part and the top part of every arm contains 1 bead, so you need 4 beads to make the arms. The top part of the arm has the bottom part that is inverted down to fit like a funnel (similar to the main part of the body). 



The bottom part of the body includes dome-shaped pieces inverted inwards to get a socket. 

 The top part of the body contains the dome shaped part inverted inwards. Then I joined the bottom and top parts of the body, threaded the front loops of the socket with yarn, pulled up the yarn to tighten the joint. Later I will have to insert wire into the body. Firstly I will insert the knitting needle into the body to make the tunnel and then I will put the wire. 



The top part of the head contains a piece of thick felt. 

The bottom part of the head is crocheting together with the top part of the body. You see I changed the yarn to green for the neck (I was running out of dark blue yarn, so I wanted to keep the color for the head. In rnd 75 I joined the bottom and top part of the head hooking through the stitches of these two parts in definite place described in the pattern. 


TONGUE is crocheting by joining the yarn to the bottom part of the head. 

EYE – very clever idea to make the eyes. The green part is folded in specific way (explained in the pattern). What I did – I inserted safety eyes before I closed the opening. 


I crocheted the TEETH and HELMET (helmet includes 1 bead) 

I crocheted BOOTS and CHEST decoration – for the chest there is pattern for the circle or the heart. I crocheted the circle.


All the parts below:

 I inserted the wire frame into the body, made the loop for the jaw. Wire ends are wrapped around with electrical tape.

I sewed the wire frame of the jaw into the lower jaw.

I sewed the tongue around the jaw with ladder stitch

I sewed the teeth to the upper jaw (firstly pin it), embroidered teeth - vertical stitches with blue yarn (every 5 rounds). 

I secured the top part of the head using elastic silicone band or jewelry elastic cord. You may also sew it about 5 stitches. 

I joined the parts of the legs and arms using thread joints (thread goes through the hole of the beads). 


I joined the legs with the bottom part of the body. I also made folds for the limbs - it allows the limbs to be more flexible. The way how to join the parts is explained in the pattern.

I needle sculpted the nostrils, sew the helmet around the head and sew the eyes onto the helmet (firstly needle sculpted the eye sockets). 

I decorated the nostrils with silver beads, decorated the boots and the chest. 

I embroidered the lacing on the boots.

Bear in mind that if the toy is for child it is better to add safe parts for decoration without silver beads and attach everything securely.

 Robot is finished :)