KnitCrate Membership UNBOXING - August 2019

Hi, on my YouTube channel you find the unboxing of KnitCrate Membership August 2019. I know it is quite late this month, but KnitCrate had some difficulties. If you are interested in the KnitCrate Membership subscription, I recommend you to click the link  and use my discount code AMILC20. Let's read the post and look at the photos...


To watch the video unboxing, click the link:

As you probably know, the Knitcrate offers Color Vibes - the subscribers can get the color they like.
You have 4 possibilities:

Source: Knitcrate website

THEME: Take Wing

Source: Knitcrate website

You pay $24.99 per month. Shipping is worldwide and free!
You can also choose Malabrigo Partner Crate or SockCrate Membership.

As for KnitCrate, you can get following colorways this month:


All Natural - Bohemian Waxwing

Chill Out - Kestrel

Energize Me - European Robin

I've got the Kestrel - main blue with purple and brown :) Beautiful!
Source: KnitCrate booklet




In the booklet you will find the Membership & Sock Membership patterns.

MEMBERSHIP patterns:
  • crochet - Alpine Leg Warmers by Ashlea Konecny

  • knit  - Eklutna Lakeside Shawl by Mary Dickerson

SOCKCRATE MEMBERSHIP patterns are below:
 Birds of Feather Socks by Abbey Swanson

Plumage Socks by Kim Driggs

+ EXTRA! :)

Inside the crate I found an extra - two stickers with KnitCrate logo :)

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To get the discount, click my unique link:  

and use my discount code: AMILC20

Theme peek for the September2019: PRISM

Have a great knitting/crocheting time!