KnitCrate Membership UNBOXING - June 2019

Hi, I got the June KnitCrate Membership quite early, so I can show you what's inside the box - unboxing on YouTube :) If you are interested in the KnitCrate Membership subscription, you can join the FLASH SALE - click the link  (then pop-up window will appear) and use my code AMILC20 to get 20% off of your first crate.


To watch the video unboxing, click the link:

Theme: Calico – "inspired by soft florals, tiny posies, clover and patchwork quilts"
Source: KnitCrate booklet

Subscribers got two skeins of yarn Vidalana Aloft.

There are two possible colorways:

Tiger Lily
 Source: KnitCrate website

Wee Violets
Source: KnitCrate website

Look at the label

  Source: KnitCrate booklet

I got Tiger Lily - pretty pastel orange.

Look at the table of contents:
    Source: KnitCrate booklet


  Source: KnitCrate booklet

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You may purchase the packs, e.g.:

+ EXTRA! :)

Inside the crate I found really useful fabric-covered tape measure with beautiful village motif:


KnitCrate society is still growing - you see 2474 reviews in May:

In June - 2565 reviews:

Visit: to read more.

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If you would like to purchase KnitCrate Membership subscription you can receive the second box almost for free (you only pay $5 for shipping). 
To get the discount, click my unique link:  

and use my discount code: AMILC20


JULY Early Preview will be June 20th - I can't wait to see it :)

What is new - the subscribers can set the Color Vibe to get the colors they like (if you don't like to be surprised).
You have 4 possibilities:
1. Anything goes:

2. Energize me:

3. Chill out:

4. All natural:

From June 13-25 you have to make your selections for July. You probably got the mail with instructions how to do this (go to your account --> Manage my Subscriptions  --> Edit --> Swap)

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Have a nice weekend! :-)