Dolly the Sheep by LittleOwlsHut

Hi, today - just in short - I share with you a quick and easy project - Dolly the Sheep! by LOH. I translated the pattern into Polish recently (available here), so I attach some photos I took during the work.
I didn't make Amigurumi Workshop video from the work - just took some photos. Currently I'm working on a big project as a gift - I hope I will manage to make the Amigurumi Workshop video presentation and write down the pattern soon. Subscribe my channel and blog :) I publish projects that are completed and don't like to write on my blog about nothing, so I don't post much. I hope you find the useful info :) See you! 


English pattern is here.

Designer: Galina Astashova
Skill level: Intermediate

I used the materials:
  • DROPS Alpaca Bouclé - grey for the body.
  • Kotek by Arelan (Polish yarn) - beige for the muzzle, ears and legs (+ black for hooves).
  • YarnArt Jeans white for the eyes
You find suggestion about crochet hook in the table (frankly, I made the project some time ago and I don't quite remember the hook for Alpaca Bouclé - I forgot to write the note [perhaps 3.5 or 4 mm], but for Kotek and YarnArt Jeans I used crochet hook 2 mm). Compare the hook size in the table below:

Firstly, it is recommended to crochet 2 swatches with two types of yarn (bouclé/fluffy and smooth yarn).
You need to check the size of the swatches you choose - everything is clearly explained in the pattern.

 What else do you need, regarding the pattern?

  • Hook matching the yarn thickness.
  • Two small black beads for eyes.
  • Needle (long).
  • Stitch marker or scrap of contrasting yarn.
  • Polyester fiberfill (stuffing).
  • One beautiful button for the tail.
  • Decorative flower.
I started from the muzzle - crochet tight with smooth yarn. I like the technic for the nostrils - really clever.

Then I crocheted the body with fluffy yarn. I like working with DROPS Alpaca Bouclé - the yarn is soft and squishy, it consists of little loops.

Ears are crocheted with smooth yarn - I chose the beige Kotek:

Then four legs with black hooves (smooth yarn), stuffed lightly:

For the eyes I used white YarnArt Jeans - crochet hook 2 mm.
Instead of beads I had inserted safety eyes before I closed the opening and stuffed the eyes lightly.

You see all the parts below, so it was time for assembling/sewing:

Finally I sewed crochet little red flower. I didn't use the decorative button for the tail (I crocheted thin tail).

 Do you like the sheep? :)

See you!