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Hi, I've been working on the written PDF file - pattern for Rufus and Rafija - for several months and finally it's ready! In the post I present you an excerpt from the PDF file and describe the project. You may purchase the whole pattern - mail me. Have a happy crocheting and follow my YouTube, Blog, Facebook, Instagram.


Introduction to my Prehistoric tale

Rufus is an intelligent and brave Neanderthal Man from the Pleistocene Epoch (the Ice Age). He rescued Rafija the baby mammoth from the ice crack and from that time forward they are inseparable team. Even though mammoth accompanies him every single day, Rufus feels lonely, so he wanders through prehistoric lands looking for beloved, women who would like to start their life together. Rafija supports him and is devoted to him.
Rufus is also sensitive, thoughtful and has an artistic soul. He often goes into his “man cave” up the Hill of Bones to have a think and in his spare time he indulges his passion – painting on the stones. He invented specialized painting tools: a two-sided tool for breaking stones and mixing paint powder, bone – a kind of pestle for grinding the lumps of minerals for painting, a brush made from stick and mammoth hair (Rafija gave him a strand of hair from her tail, and he gave her a beautiful purple-pink flower in return).
Rufus wears a waistcloth decorated with leather, a fur vest and hat, a necklace made from little bones and leather shoes. He keeps mineral-based pigment – red ochre – in the leaf-made pouch attached to the belt. He is also provided with a spear, just in case, against wild creatures he fights with in his path.
Rufus follows a nomadic existence but he would like to settle down and raise a family. So keep our fingers crossed for him ;-)

Size of finished toy:

Rufus is 28 cm (11”) tall, Rafija the baby mammoth is 25 cm (9.8”) tall and 50 cm (19.68”) long (from the tip of the tusks to the tips of hind legs).

Skill level: Intermediate/Experienced (project with the wire frame)

Presentation of Rufus and Rafija is on YouTube:

Below you find short description of the Rufus and Rafija:


• st = stitch
• sl st = slip stitch
• ch = chain
• tch = turning chain (at the end of a row)
• sc = single crochet
• dc = double crochet
• hdc = half double crochet
• inc = increase (2 sc in one st)
• hdc inc = half double crochet increase (2 hdc in one st)
• dc inc = double crochet inc (2 dc in one st)
• dec = decrease (sc2tog)
• (..) = repeat the pattern particular number of times
• [..] = complete number of st in the round / row
• rnd = round
• BLO = back loop only
• FLO = front loop only
• FPSC = front post single crochet (I use it for crocheting Rufus eyelids, see page 21 and Rafija eyelids, page 33)
• color – change the color of yarn (before you crochet next stitches)


RUFUS the Neanderthal Man:
  • YarnArt Jeans beige no 05 (approx. 2 skeins) – for the skin parts (toes, legs, head, fingers, arms, embroidering eye sockets, nose and mouth);
  • Small amount of dark beige (any yarn) – for embroidering nails;
  • YarnArt Jeans white (1 skein is enough) – for bone;
  • Felting wool black (1 skein is enough) – for hair and beard;
  • YarnArt Angora Active brown mohair yarn no 849 (1 skein is enough) – for clothes (waistcloth, hat);
  • A piece of fur and leather – for clothes (adjust materials to your needs);
  • Stones, stick and string – for attributes (adjust materials to your needs);
  • Piece of green material – for pouch (it can be crocheted – optional);
  • Polymer clay white, grey, brown – for necklace (adjust materials to your needs);
  • Stones and pastels for painting on stones;
  • Safety eyes (or half beads 12 mm) and a piece of white felt – for the eyes;
  • Piece of wire: for legs and body (approx. 40 cm / 15.75”  for each leg; 2 mm in diameter), for fingers and arms
  • (approx. 50 cm / 19.68” for each arm; wire is bent in half – for fingers and arm; 0.5 mm in diameter);
  • Plastic insert (waterproof material) to put inside the foot, e.g. plastic cover from notebook, plexi board etc.
  • Crochet hook 2 mm.

RAFIJA the baby mammoth:
  • YarnArt Jeans coffee brown no 71 (approx. 3 skeins) – for trunk, head and legs;
  • YarnArt Jeans white no 01 (1 skein is enough) – for tusks and eyes;
  • YarnArt Jeans dark beige no 07 (1 skein is enough) – for nails;
  • YarnArt Jeans purple no 72 and pink no 36 (1 skein is enough) – for flower;
  • YarnArt Samba brown no 2034 (approx. 3 skeins) – for body, legs and mane;
  • Safety eyes (half beads 12 mm) – for the eyes;
  • a piece of wire: for tusks (50 cm / 19.68” x 2, 2 mm in diameter), trunk and body (one piece approx. 70 cm/ 27.56”, 3 mm in diameter), legs (see page 31 – two ways of inserting the wire), tail (15 cm/5.9”, thin wire – 1 mm in diameter), mouth (40 cm/15.75”, along the mouth edge – optional; wire is longer to join it with body wire frame to avoid displacement)
  • crochet hook 2.5 mm.

Additional materials:
  • fiberfill stuffing;
  • electrical tape for wrapping around the wire;
  • tapestry needle;
  • sharp needle for embroidering;
  • glue for attaching Rufus eyes (half beads);
  • scissors.

Pattern is based on USA terminology.

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