KnitCrate Membership UNBOXING - January 2019

Hi, it's the end of January but I got my crate yesterday, so unboxing is on my YouTube channel and in the post you can read some info about the yarn and look at some photos :-)

To watch unboxing - click below:

January theme is SLEEPY NEW YEAR.
We can read about the theme on KnitCrate blog:

Soft but warm, soothing, cozy and light, 
this theme is all about colors that make us feel at home.

Source of inspiration:

January crate includes the VIDALANA Ambient Worsted.

Two colorways:
  • Whiskey - a rich, warm, golden brown.
  • Dawn Blush - a warm rosy pink. I got this one and I'm so happy! I love the color, it's really beautiful! :-)
  Source of the photo: KnitCrate blog

Label is below:

In the KnitCrate blog we read:
What we love about this wool is that it feels like wool. 
It’s not scratchy or crunchy, just wooly feeling! 
You’ll love this worsted-weight, ultra round yarn.

100% Peruvian Highland. Peruvian Highland sheep are a cross between Merino and Corriedale.
The booklet contains some info about the sheep and recommend you three books to read if you want to explore the topic.

Booklet includes information on two crates: KnitCrate Membership and SockCrate Membership. You will find 2 patterns regarding KnitCrate Membership:

  • knitting - Shift by designer Jen Geigley - the cowl
  Source of the photo: KnitCrate blog

  • crochet - Embrace by designer Tonya Bush - the muff

  Source of the photo: KnitCrate blog

You can choose your crate amongst four crates: KnitCrate Membership, Artisan Crate, Sock Artisan Crate or Sock Membership subscription.
I like also the Artisan Crate :-)

KnitCrate Membership has a rating of 4.7 stars based on 1847 reviews
What's interesting, in May 2018 KnitCrate had ratings of 4.8 stars based on 700 reviews - you can see how many people joined the KnitCrate so far!

To sum up:
  • For monthly subscription you pay $24.99 USD (the contents of the box is worth $63.00).
  • Inside KnitCrate Membership you'll find 2 skeins of in-house premium yarn brands & 2 exclusive patterns (1 knitting, 1 crochet). The January booklet includes additionaly SockCrate pattern.
  • Shipping is included in the price of monthly crate and is worldwide.
  • Subscriptions can be canceled at anytime you want. 
  • You earn KnitCrate Stash Points to use e.g. towards items on KnitCrate shop
If you are interested in purchasing the monthly subscription crate click my unique link: 
and use my discount coupon code: AMILC20 to get 20% off applied to the first month of KnitCrate subscription.

February crate has been already released, so you can click the link and go to KnitCrate website, choose what you like and use my code :-).

Sneek peek at Fabruary crate - theme GOOD VIBES ONLY

  Source of the photo: KnitCrate blog

TODAY - February 1st - Malabrigo Partner Crate opens:
Fingering Weight. Fibers: Wool

  Source of the photo: KnitCrate blog

Membership Crate:
DK weight, Fibers: Alpaca, Wool, Nylon

  Source of the photo: KnitCrate blog


Previous crates are described here:

Have a lots of crocheting-knitting ideas and much time for your passion! :-)

Ami Little Creature