TIP 4: How I make invisible finish (instead of slip stitch) when you fasten off

Hi, I often make invisible finish / invisible join instead of slip stitch to finish the work or if I change color between rounds. It makes smooth edges of my work. Read more and see my photo tutorial ;-)

1. After finishing the round grab marker (a piece of yarn) and pull it through the loop on crochet hook.
Photo from my Bears in love tutorial - inside part of the ear.

2. Skip the 1st stitch with marker and insert the hook in 2nd stitch under both loops, grab the yarn.

3. Pull the yarn through (under both loops).

4. Insert the hook in back loop only (this is the stitch you began – the last stitch of the round).

5.  Grab the yarn and pull it through the back loop.

6. Pull the yarn - you made „V” stitch that looks like the chain. This is invisible finish - you get smooth finish.

7. Turn your work and secure the yarn on the wrong side.

I also change color using this way e.g. when I have to change color at the end of the round or make stripes in different colors. After making invisible finish I make slip knot using new color and insert the hook into the first stitch (under both loops of „V” stitch I made before).
Try this way – perhaps it suits you. I like it very much :-)

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