Halloween amigurumi GHOST (keychain)

Hi, Halloween is coming, so I published on YouTube tutorial how to crochet this cute little ghost. It can be used as keychain, hanger in your car or you can hang it above your childrens cradle. It has many uses :-) So let's start crocheting and watch the tutorial In the post I show you photos I took during the work.

Click below to watch the tutorial:

I used YarnArt Jeans - color white for the body and purple for the hat. Hat is embroidered with yellow stars (I used yellow YarnArt Jeans split in one thread).
Crochet hook 2.5 mm.

Firstly I crocheted the body.

Next step - it was crocheting the wings on the both sides of the body, hooking under the stitches of the body between rounds 10-11.

Then I embroidered eyes and smile with black floss and blush the cheeks.
Eyes are shaped in semicircle.
Ready ghost looks like below:

I also crocheted the purple hat embroidered with yellow stars and the circle around:

Then I sewed the hat to the head, stuffed the hat a little.

Have a nice crocheting!