Pig pattern by LittleOwlsHut

Hi, as always, when I'm participated in CAL organized by LittleOwlsHut on Ravelry Group, there is my new amigurumi project :-) Now it's time to present you the Pig. You can watch Amigurumi Workshop (the 6th episode) about the Pig on my YouTube channel. In the post I present you some photos I was making during work on that project.

Watch Amigurumi Workshop:

Pattern was designed by Yulia Ogol, skill level: intermediate.

In my view the crochet pattern is not so difficult - for me the most difficult stage was sewing legs and shaping nose & trotters from polymer clay.

Let's start from the beginning.

I used angora yarn - 1 skein (100 g / 500 m) of Angora Ram is enough, but I divided one skein into two balls and was working simoultaneously with 2 strands and crochet hook 3 mm (as it was stated in the pattern).

If you would like obtain the same size of your toy as in the pattern (17 cm tall and 22 cm long), it is better to make a swatch before you start crocheting.

Firstly I made head and body as one piece:

I crocheted lower lip. Then I started the snout and joined the lower lip hooking through the stitches of the lip and head. There is wire frame inside the lower lip (wire 21 cm long and 2 mm in diameter) and the tail (14 cm long).
You can see particular parts of the pig below: head and body, front and back legs, ears, eyelids and tail.

Snout and bottom part of legs should have flat area, because we will glue the nose and trotters from polymer clay to them.
I brushed up all parts and after sewing them I brushed up all seams.

Then I needle sculpted the eye sockets and tinted them with black pastels. I glued the eyes. I used 10 mm safety eyes but I wanted to make half beads, so I sawed the ends and smoothed them with sand-paper. I used magic glue. Below the beads I embroidered whites with white yarn. I sewed the eyelids and false eyelashes. You can see in the picture the way I glued the eyelashes: I cut the stripe of black felt and glued 5 clomps for each eye; then I glued the eyelashes under the eyelids.

I pinned ears and sewed them to the head. Ears are placed in the line with the eyes when you look at them on the side.
I pinned legs and I recommend you to pin all legs before you sew them. I stuffed upper parts of the legs and thighs while sewing.

Next step - I glued the trotters.

Finally I tinted the body.
To sum up, tinting involved:
- eye sockets, eyelids and eyebrows (two dots)
- inner part ofthe lower lip
- snout around the edge
- nose and trotters from polymer clay
- ears - inner side, outer side around the edge and inside with dark color
- body along the spine
- legs - front part of the front legs and thighs

I only wasn't sure if I should tint black spots all over the body, as it was stated in the pattern. I'm not professional tinter, so I didn't want to spoil my piggy looks.
The final size of my pig: 25 cm long and 17 cm tall, so it is a bit longer than in the pattern.
The pig needed skirt - I made it from coral tulle stripes, which I fasten to the ribbon belt.
I used stripes of 10 cm long and 1,5 cm wide. I wanted to make the full skirt, so fastening was really time-consuming but worth it :-)

Only bow was to do  I made it from a piece of ribbon (ecru) and tulle (coral).

The pig was ready. What you think of her? :-)