Pasartolini the cat EN

Hi, I crocheted Pasartolini the cat for the 12th birthday competition organized by Pasart. You can watch the tutorial on YouTube. In the post I present you some photos I made during the work on the project.

Tutorial about the cat - part 1 and 2 is below:

In part 3 I will show you how to make Pasartolini trousers/pants - will be available SOON.
UPDATE (link to the tutorial is below).

Firstly I crocheted the head and body as one piece - from head to the body and legs.

Next step - I crocheted ears, eyes, arms and tail.

Below you see all parts:

Then it was time for assembling all parts (sewing) and working on face details - embroidering the nose, muzzle, whiskers and pupils. I marked the placement first:


And finally - the project is complete:

I like the cat, and you? :-)