Lady Bear outfit - FREE PATTERN (Bears in Love) EN

Hi, I wrote down the pattern for Lady Bear outfit. It is for free, but if you would like to purchase whole pattern, visit my Etsy shop. There is available written pattern for Bears in Love (bears and outfit) in printable PDF file.




I use Red Heart Lisa purpe color, crochet hook 3 mm.
Upper part of the dress is worked in square shape.
I start working in rows – row 1 contains 10 sc on every side but back part is divided into two parts
(right and left; I join them at the end using drawstring). There is 1 right back part (5 sc), 1 right side part (10 sc), 1 front part (10 sc), 1 left side part (10 sc), 1 left back part (5 sc).
I work ch 2 in four corners between these 10 ps. to make the upper part of the dress in the shape of square.
In next rows I increase the number of stitches.

Row 1: ch 41, insert the hook in 2nd st from hook and work: 5 sc, (ch 2, 10 sc) x 3, ch 2, 5 sc, 1 tch, turn [48]
In row 2 I crochet (1 sc, ch 2, 1 sc) under the hollow of ch 2 from previous row. I use abbreviation \oo/ for (1 sc, ch 2, 1 sc).
Row 2: 5 sc, (\oo/, 10 sc) x 3, \oo/, 5 sc, 1 tch, turn
Row 3: 6 sc, (\oo/, 12 sc) x 3, \oo/, 6 sc, 1 tch, turn
Row 4: 7 sc, (\oo/, 14 sc) x 3, \oo/, 7 sc, 1 tch, turn
Row 5: 8 sc, (\oo/, 16 sc) x 3, \oo/, 8 sc, 1 tch, turn
Row 6: 9 sc, (\oo/, 18 sc) x 3, \oo/, 9 sc, 1 tch, turn
Row 7: 10 sc, (\oo/, 20 sc) x 3, \oo/, 10 sc, 1 tch, turn
Row 8: 11 sc, (\oo/, 22 sc) x 3, \oo/, 11 sc, 1 tch, turn
Row 9: 12 sc, (\oo/, 24 sc) x 3, \oo/, 12 sc, 1 tch, turn
Row 10: 13 sc, (\oo/, 26 sc) x 3, \oo/, 13 sc, 1 tch, turn
Row 11: 14 sc, (\oo/, 28 sc) x 3, \oo/, 14 sc, join in a circle with sl st (see picture below)

Rnd 12: 16 sc, ch 2 (join point 1 and 2 to form an opening for right sleeve), 32 sc, ch 2 (join point 3 and 4 to form an opening for left sleeve), 16 sc

Then work in continuous rounds:
Rnd 13: 68 sc [68]
Rnd 14: 16 sc, 1 inc, 34 sc, 1 inc, 16 sc [70]
Rnds 15-16: 70 sc [70]
In rnds 17–18 I form holes (ch 1) for the tulle stripes.
Rnd 17: 1 sc, ch 1 (skip 1 st), repeat 35 times.
Rnd 18: 1 sc (under the hollow of ch 1 of previous rnd), ch 1 (skip 1 sc of previous rnd)
I will attach tulle stripes later – now it’s time to finish the sleeves.

SLEEVE (make 2)

I work pattern including 4 sts, repeated 9 times. Start and finish under the armpit to make the seam less invisible.
2 sc in one st, ch 1 (skip 1 st), (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in one st, ch 1 (skip 1 st).
Join the beginning of the pattern with sl st. Fasten off, cut the yarn and weave in loose ends.


I bought the tulle material in rolls 15 cm wide – ecru and purple colors. I cut it in stripes 20 cm long and then cut it into 4 thinner stripes.

I will fasten the stripes in two rounds into the chain holes which I made in rnds 17 and 18 of crochet
upper part of the dress. Firstly I attach ecru stripes to the lower part in rnd 18.

Look at the photo tutorial below to know how I fasten the stripes and secure them (in the tutorial I used purple stripes in lower part to make the steps visible):

If you realize that you want the skirt fuller (as I did), you can fasten ecru stripes not only in ch 1 hole, but also in single crochets.
Then I attach purple stripes in the round 17 in ch 1 holes.

Using tulle stripes gives a lot of possibilities for color experiments, so try to make your own unique skirt ;-)


Crochet hook 3 mm.
Firstly I crochet one flower and then move to crocheting next flowers without cutting the yarn (I join the flowers together using crochet ch 8 = bridge)
Rnd 1: ch 4, join with sl st into a circle.
Work 5 petals in the circle: (ch 2, 2 dc, ch 2, sl st) x 5
After crocheting one flower, don’t cut the yarn and bridge to next flower with ch 8.

Insert the hook in 5th st from hook and work sl st to form a circle for next petals.

Make 3 petals on the right side of the bridge and 2 petals on the left side.

My belt includes 18 flowers.

Pin the flower belt to keep right placement (join two ends at the back) and sew it to the skirt (see photo below).


Ch 2, insert the hook in 2nd st and work:
(ch 4, 5 tr, ch 4, sl st) x 2
Wrap the yarn around the centre of the bow.
Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing.


I crochet ch 51, insert the hook in 2nd st and work 50 sl sts.
Work as many chains as you need to tie the ends of the drawstring at the back in order to join two back upper parts of the dress.

Outfit for Lady Bear is complete!

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If you have any problems with the pattern, send me a message :-)