Elliot the frog KEYCHAIN

Hi, recently I made this frog by special order. I called him Elliot :-) He likes taking photos of nature but he raises money for a good camera to take high quality pics ;-) Do you like the frog and would you like me prepare the tutorial for you? Follow me on YouTube, blog, Facebook & visit my Etsy shop.

I designed the frog within 2 days - I was working hard (mostly at night), making mistakes in order to create nice pattern. I had to do the project really fast because it was a gift and had to be sent on time. 
The frog is approx. 10 cm tall (with eyes and legs).
Firstly I created head & body.

Then I crocheted eyes (white and green yarn) and pupils (with black floss):

I made arms and legs and pinned the eyes before sewing them to the head:

Next I crocheted the scarf - Elliot is sensitive to the cold ;-)

The frog-photographer always carries the camera with him. Finally I attached camera to right hand:

Additional part of the keychain was keychain-stripe with the inscription embroidered (with little heart between): SUPER HUSBAND.

I had two keychain rings in my stock - I choose the left one:

I attached the frog to the ring. For attaching the stripe I crocheted additional part, wrapped it around the ring and sewed.

Look at the final result:

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