Mouse Sofia - pattern by LittleOwlsHut

Hi, do you remember Mouse Sofia I made some time ago? This project by LittleOwlsHut (Svetlana Pertseva) is important for me, because it started series of Amigurumi Workshop on my YouTube chanel. Since that moment I've decided to make English version of the workshop.

To remind you, I attach links for two parts of Amigurumi Workshop about the mouse in English (+ English subtitles):

Project is not so complicated, it is level intermediate, I think mostly because of using wire frame and needle sculpting the face.

Finished size of the mouse is about 20 cm. I used grey mohair yarn and crochet hook 2 mm.

Above pictures present the head - I didn't close the opening and do needle sculpting for eyes and mouth. I had to do this, because I wanted to put safety eyes (in the pattern the author uses beads that are sewed at the end of work; I had't got these big beads).

So I added safety eyes and put the wire, which is bent in half and comes from head to legs (I secured the ends of wire with electrical tape). The wire comes out of head to neck between rounds 26-27 of head.

Then I crocheted next parts of the mouse's body - arms, legs, ears and tail.
And here we have the mouse devided into particular parts:

She is not so beautiful yet but she challenges herself for being perfect :-)
I worked on her, sewed what was needed and finished Sofia looks like this:

I made face details - sewed the little bead (for nose), glued false eyelashes using Poxipol and used blush to make her cheeks more lovely. I also tinted ears with pink pastels.
For whiskers I used colorless fishing line.

Besides the pattern I added bunch of flowers and little mouse Norma, you probably know her from my Halloween tutorial about Norman the cat - below I attach link to the video as a reminder:


To embellish this ecru knitted dress, I sewed the belt with colorless sequins and sewed single sequins randomly to the skirt part.

We have the mouse in glamour version :-)