Hello, I had a break with crochet squares. Now it's time to catch up :-)

Tutorial about number 3 is on YouTube:
Below you will find the written pattern.

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If you would like to watch the introduction before you start crocheting these squares, click below:

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Crochet squares - introduction

We work in rows.
Work 1 tch and turn the work at the end of every row.

A - background color
B - number color

Start with ch 20 (19 ch + 1 tch) and then work in 2nd st from the hook.

Row 1-2: A19
Row 3: A6, B7, A6
Row 4: A5, B9, A5
Row 5: A4, B11, A4
Row 6-7: A4, B3, A5, B3, A4
Row 8: A12, B3, A4
Row 9: A5, B5, A9
Row 10: A9, B5, A5
Row 11: A5, B5, A9
Row 12: A12, B3, A4
Row 13-14: A4, B3, A5, B3, A4
Row 15: A4, B11, A4
Row 16: A5, B9, A5
Row 17: A6, B7, A6
Row 18-19: A19

Nice crocheting!