Shih tzu - pattern by LittleOwlsHut

recently on my Facebook page I published photos of Shih Tzu Puppy, pattern by LittleOwlsHut. Although it hardly looks like shih tzu breed for me, I love this little dog. I was making this project from time to time because I need a form of treat from my projects I present you on my YouTube channel. Therefore I would like to share with you some personal remarks on that projects.

The pattern is experienced level but this is what I like so much - challenge!
The designer recommends to use ‘Khlopok Travka’ by Kamteks (cotton 65%, polyamide 35%, 100g/220. Yarn that can be brushed.

I used yarn Kotek (or Kocurek) - I removed a label some times ago, so I don't quite remember. Anyway - it is acrylic yarn. Crochet hook 2.5 mm.

I used floristic wire which I wrapped with electrical tape to avoid any injuring.
But it is good to remember that - although puppy is cute and great for loving - it is not appropriate for babies, because of little elements and wire. But it is worth to give a child the puppy for a moment to hug :-)

What a pity I didn't take a photos while crocheting. Next time I will try to rehabilitate. I am going to crochet some advanced patterns of LittleOwlsHut in the future - they are great and really educative for me! Horse and Lady Figurine are in a queue.

The pattern, written in USA terminology is clear, particular steps are illustrated by the photos, so it is easy to follow and you shouldn't have any problems with reading the pattern.

But it is worth reading basic instructions and tips at the beginning, which the author, Tatiana Chirkova, recommends.

I made the nose from black polymer clay, which I bought especially for that project. It is the first thing I made from that clay. Before I baked the nose I made a little hole with a jewelry eye pin which I adjusted to the appropriate length. I baked the nose in the oven at 130 degrees for up to 10 minutes, leaving it inside the oven for a few minutes after I turn the oven off. After the nose had got cold I put a pin with a glue and then sew the nose to the muzzle.

Above the eyes I glued the eyelashes. Firstly I tried to glue it on a felt strap (author recommends suede strap) but they didn't stick (maybe it is my fault and I did something wrong, but I laid it back), so I glued them directly above the eyes "magic glue", being careful not to mess the safety eyes.
Instead of beads I used safety eyes which I didn't have to sew.

What was not convenient for me - crocheting around the wire, but it was necessary to finish the toy.
Using the wire gives a lot of possibilities for shaping the puppy's body and give him many poses.

After I had sewed the elements, I started shaping the body, using tapestry needle and main yarn to give the body a few foldings. I got the impression that the body is too fat and is not proportional to the small head but after I shaped the body I think everything is quite OK.

Next I brushed up the dog using a Velcro and tint the body according to the instructions in the pattern. I used a sand paper and brown crayons of different tones, which I rubbed (is it a good word?) on that paper. Then I put the brown dust on the small brush and tint the dog in the foldings.
To make the dog looks neat, the author recommends to trim the tips of the ears, tail and nose with a scissors - so I did. Thank you Tatiana Chirkova for great pattern!

At the end - as the frosting on the cake - I attached the necklace with four-leaf clover.

You will find more photos on my Facebook page and in the Gallery.