CROCHET SQUARES: letter A | arbuz | apple

Hi, recently I made my first video about picture alphabet - letter A and pictures of things (PL & EN) starting with that letter. Although you will find here crochet graphs I invite you to watch the video on YouTube and crochet with me.
Below you will find the link to the video:

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A - background
B - letter

Start with ch 19 + 1 turning chain.
Row 1-2: A19
Row 3-6: A4, B3, A5, B3, A4
Row 7-9: A4, B11, A4
Row 10-12: A4, B3, A5, B3, A4
Row 13: A4, B4, A3, B4, A4
Row 14: A4, B11, A4
Row 15: A5, B9, A5
Row 16: A6, B7, A6
Row 17: A7, B5, A7
Row 18-19: A19

ARBUZ (EN watermelon)

A - background
G - green
P - pink
B - black

Start with ch 19 + 1 turning chain.
Row 1-5: A19
Row 6: A6, G7, A6
Row 7: A4, G11, A4
Row 8: A3, G2, P9, G2, A3
Row 9: A3, G1, (P3, B1) x 2, P3, G1, A3
Row 10: A2, G2, P11, G2, A2
Row 11: A2, G1, P2, B1, (P3, B1) x 2, P2, G1, A2
Row 12: A2, G1, P13, G1, A2
Row 13-19: A19

APPLE (PL jabłko


A - background
R - red
B - black
G - green
W - white

Row 1-2: A19
Row 3: A5, R4, B1, R4, A5
Row 4: A4, R11, A4
Row 5: A3, R13, A3
Row 6-8: A2, R15, A2
Row 9: A2, R12, W1, R2, A2
Row 10: A2, R2, W2, R11, A2
Row 11: A2, R10, W2, R3, A2
Row 12: A3, R13, A3
Row 13: A4, R5, B1, R5, A4
Row 14: A9, B2, A8
Row 15: A8, B1, G2, A8
Row 16: A7, G3, B2, A7
Row 17: A6, B2, A2, G3, A6
Row 18-19: A19

Below I present you my first attempt to the apple - smaller and not so detailed version - so you could decide which picture you more prefer:

A - background
R - red
B - black
G - green

Row 1-4: A19
Row 5: A6, R3, B1, R3, A6
Row 6-7: A5, R9, A5
Row 8-11: A4, R11, A4
Row 12: A5, R4, B1, R4, A5
Row 13: A9, B1, A9
Row 14: A10, B1, A8
Row 15: A7, B1, A1, G2, A8
Row 16: A7, G2, A10

Row 17-19: A19

Have a nice crocheting!