Crochet squares - introduction (tapestry crochet)

Hi :-)
In my tutorial on YouTube I showed you the project based on PIXEL GRAPHS - crochet squares that can be filled with e.g. numbers, letters or pictures.

I start to crochet the squares recently and found it very useful. The square can be e.g.

1. The element of a cube - BLOCKS for children presenting numbers, letters or pictures you create.

2. Double square consisted of two squares connected each other and filled with stuffing:

  •  it could be squares with letters of your child's name.
  • PICTURE ALPHABET - obverse with picture and reverse with letter (the first letter in the word). It can be nice fun for your child learning letters and words.
  • square with picture (obverse) and blank square (reverse) to play MEMORY GAME (match pairs of tiles).

5. Crochet blanket (I do not need a blanket now, so I won't crochet it ;-)) By the way - it is a lot of work.

If you have any other ideas, write in comment how else the squares could be used.

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I was thinking for a long time about making tutorials about these squares, trying to find the way how to present it straighforwardly. Finally I decided that my series of crochet squares will be divided into three main parts:

We will create crochet squares filled with numbers and then join them to form a cube, double-square alphabet (with letters & pictures in Polish and English version) and memory game :-)

I hope you will have so much fun like I have while making them and creating own crochet graphs.
Pattern for numbers, letters and pictures can be used in other amigurumi or non-amigurumi projects, so it is really multi-purpose.

I will add particular crochet graphs and patterns successively in my next posts.



I crochet the square working in rows from bottom-up.

The square consists of 19 stitches (single crochets) and 19 rows. At the end of every row I crochet 1 turning chain and turn the work.

My square measures about 8 cm - I use YarnArt Jeans and crochet hook 2.5 mm.

Try to use different hook sizes and yarns and make your personalized smaller or bigger squares! ;-)

I crochet one square about 20 minutes on average - of course it depends on the amount of color yarn and level of complication.


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